Lohia Brass, incorporated in the year 1988, is recognized worldwide as a specialist premium rolling mill for flat-rolled brass products. We use our own state-of-the-art processes to manufacture all the products with a key importance to rolling precision and speed for producing top quality strips even at maximum rolling speeds, strip widths and coil weights.

The best rolling results are achieved through Lohia Brass’s automation system and process engineering systems designed for economically and environmentally efficient rolling management during the rolling process.

Today, the company serves its various customers in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Canada, Japan, Southeast Asia and South America.




Brass billets are heated at the extrusion press and extruded through one of our two presses. The press extrudes the brass through a die to make it into the shape and size requested. Depending on the size of the rod, it will be extruded as straight rod or coil. The brass rod is then cooled and sent through a pickling process to remove the oxidation from the rod surface.


Brass chips and solids are charged into melting furnaces, where they melt at a temperature of 1,680 degrees Fahrenheit. The exact chemistry is tested to determine the proper ingredients to add for the finished product requirements. The molten brass is poured into our continuous casting systems, which cools the brass and form brass logs. The logs are cut into smaller manageable sections called billets and sent to the extrusion press.

Scrap Recycling

Every load of scrap returned to Lohia Brass is inspected, and approved or rejected by the Lohia Brass Quality Lab to ensure the best quality ingredients are used to make Lohia Brass rods that exceeds industry specifications and tolerances. Scrap is returned in various forms such as bar ends, brass chips and solids. Lohia Brass also recycles all casting and extrusion process scrap.


Picked coil or straight rod is transferred to finishing machines, where it is cold drawn to the finish size requested, cut to length, straightened, chamfered, and bundled.

Typical Process



300 mm to 12 mm



300 mm to 12 mm



300 mm to 12 mm



300 mm to 12 mm


Today, the company serves its various customers in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Canada, Japan, Southeast Asia and South America.

Supporting Sustainable

We support sustainable development through a business philosophy rooted in our belief in the importance of not only meeting the needs and expectations of present generations with our current products but also ensuring the future of generations to come through continuous innovation.

  • "Sustainability is a deep rooted belief in our business philosophy, this thrives us to create a sustainable culture with sustainable souls & a continuous effort to preserve it for our future."

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